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What customers are saying

My lab loves Dr. Bum’s applied everytime she comes in from being outside. Eliminates the sweaty odor from her coat .

Charlie B

Asthma & Dog Allergies-No Problems anymore. I applied Dr Bum’s on my daughter’s dogs & it was a game changer for me – reduced my symptoms drastically.
Thank you for a great product!

Michael F

“Dr Bum’s eliminates the
outdoor smell from my dogs”

Andi E

This product cleans my dogs
eye discharge & ear wax

John D

Incredible multi-use product. We used Dr Bum’s on our dogs rashes & on their beds – no more itching & bed odors eliminated & it’s all natural & safe. Thanks Dr Bum’s

Brian B

We use Dr Bum’s on our dog everyday. We love it!

Sarah C

We have chickens, dogs & cats that get abrasions all the time playing in the woods. Dr Bum’s cleans & heals all of our animals.

Dan W

Dr Bum’s is amazing! No more Veterinarian visits for our pets rashes & cuts.

Gary C

We use Dr Bum’s on our dog everyday. We love it!

Kara T

I recommend Dr Bum’s to all my friends. Great product.

Jane A

Dr Bum’s eliminates our dogs sweaty odors – They love it.

Morgan G

Finally a product doesn’t mask pet odors & made in the USA! Thanks Doctor Bum’s

Matt J.

Dr Bum’s products will always be in our home. So many applications. Incredible!!

Jim H.