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Best Dog Grooming and Wellness Care Products

Bum's Best Dog Grooming Products Are Natural, Safe & Trusted By Veterinarians

Doctor Bum’s pet natural products are manufactured using only natural ingredients that can be applied to all animals. We proudly make the best dog grooming products in the USA. Doctor Bum’s is devoted to keeping your pets clean, healthy & odor free.

Keep Your Pet Fresh, Clean & Healthy

Whether you need to eliminate your pets’ odors or soothe, clean & heal skin irritations, sores, cuts or abrasions, Doctor Bum’s is the answer. We are pet wellness care Kentucky offers the best dog grooming products. Our Anti-Itching Skin, Hot Spot & Wound Care is your solution to help soothe, clean & heal skin irritations, sores, abrasions, cuts & more! Doctor Bum’s All Animal Dirt & Odor Eliminator is the natural way to clean your pet’s fur, ears, paws, toys, beds, eye discharge & more!